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November 17, 2011
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App Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 by Iconoman App Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 by Iconoman
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Aha-Soft announces the update of App Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7, a readily available set of stock images for mobile application developers. The new library includes over 700 images designed in matching style, color and gamut. The collection of icons is available for $69.00.

About App Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 Series

App Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 are the perfect choice for busy phone software developers. Providing over 700 icons assembled into a set with similar properties such as required style and colors, App Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 can be used in your projects for Windows Mobile, as well as on blogs, forums, and Web sites. App Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 will make an application, blog or applet look modern and consistent throughout. All images in the App Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 collection are royalty-free. The entire set is immediately available and comes with an online preview.

What's Inside

App Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 is a collection of professionally designed application icons meeting all of the requirements of the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Icons have the right size, the right color, their content areas are perfectly centered and they are all 100% ready to be used in your applications. Colored icons are available for web design.

As a Windows Phone 7 developer creating applications for an emerging market, you should be primarily interested in quality, as it can and will help you stand out of the crowd of competitors, so if you don't think you are a great designer, go for Application Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 and rest assured your apps will look perfect!

Aha-Soft also plans to release the following icon cliparts: Download Icons for Windows Mobile, Series Icons for Vista, Application Icons for Vista, Rock Icons for iPhone 5, New Icon Set, Summer Icons for iPhone, Black Large Icons for Windows, Best Mark Icon Set, World Icon Set, Power Icons for Windows 8.

About the Company

Aha-Soft offers a huge selection of toolbar icons to Windows developers and webmasters. A wide variety of individual icons and icon collections are available at bargain basement prices. All icons are appropriately tagged, making it easy to find exactly what you need. Toolbar Icons is a perfect opportunity to cut down the costs of graphic design and release the project sooner by using readily available stock icons.
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i have read this and its very helpful information
what software did you use to create the icons?
hi, me want to learn how to create 3d icon.
tanks for this icons, I need this for my proyect.
hey nice collection i used in my site social application site. :)
Such a good works here. Thanks for sharing these icon sets.
thanks for another beautiful and free icon set Jacob… like i said before it’s hard to stay away from these icons they’re so addictive! i think i will need some therapy as soon as possible.. ;)
I love how the envelope looks like a folder and the folder looks like an envelope. Very avant garde.
thanks. really nice collections :)
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